11 Inobvious Places To Meet Single Men At The Holidays

Nothing stinks more than being a lonely heart at the holidays. This is especially true while watching others coupled-up and “Christmasing it-up” together as you look on with the phrase “Why not me?” dancing like sugar plum fairies in your head.

Certainly, everyone of us has been “there” a time or two, including myself. Its a reality that inspired me to noodle places to meet single, available men outside of the obvious locations like bars, coffee shops and retail stores.

Needless to say, your new man may be hiding among any number of these suggestions below:

  1. The Hardware Store — No doubt, there will be plenty of ‘tooling around’ as single men hang holiday lighting, put up Christmas trees, add smoke detectors to their living spaces, and throw down rock salt throughout the winter season. If there ever was a time to become interested in becoming more handy yourself and embarking on an adenture to the hardware store, now would be the time.
  2. Donation Centers and Dumps — Single men are prepping for the addition of more stuff too. Thus, they will be donating and tossing unneeded household items, clothing and much much more just like you. Don’t overlook the possibility of meeting someone while dropping a garbage bag-full of unwanted goods at Goodwill or the local trash center. Your discards could transform themselves into your greatest treasure, ultimately.
  3. In Your Own Home — Plenty of single men will find themselves on ladders, blowing leaves, plowing driveways, at the backs of furnaces, changing filters as well as unclogging sinks, showers and toilets to accommodate the overflow of welcomed guests. Don’t discount the gentleman who wraps his feet in plastic covers upon entering your humble abode to repair a tempermental dishwasher. Love could potentially blossom over your next delivery of heating oil unbeknownst to you.
  4. Babysitting — Plenty of thoughtful uncles will be helping their siblings out by taking their nieces ad nephews off their hands for a bit while mom and dad go present shopping. Don’t overlook the possibility that the guy painting a mug or sledding with three grinning tykes alongside might be their fun-loving uncle as opposed to daddy-do.
  5. At Church — Christmas-time incites a return to church for many, including singles. If you find yourself, seeking-out comfort in community and prayer, don’t think you are the only one. Find a seat on a pew and get to know your neighbor. He just might become or lead you to the partner you’ve been praying for this whole year.
  6. Getting Their Exercise On — Whether it be walking, snowboarding or pulling on a pair of ice skates, single busy men are clearing their heads and getting their exercise similar to their female counterparts. Don’t let the seasonal chill deter you from meeting the perfect guy for you. Throw an extra layer on and get out there.
  7. At The Groomers — Both their pets and themselves will undergo needed hair cuts as well as buffing to meet entertainment obligations. Keep your eyes peeled at establishments devoted to primping dog owners’ favorite companions as well as salons devoted to serving humans.
  8. At Volunteer Establishments — Plenty of single men offer their time to help out those “less fortunate,” especially during the holidays when so many of us take stock of our lives. Don’t look past the gentleman who is dishing out sweet potatoes at a soup kitchen near you. His big heart may be yours someday.
  9. On A Train or Plane — Single men ‘returning home for the holidays’ occupy every station and airport at this time of year. Don’t be frightened to strike up a conversation and learn a bit more about that handsome stanger texting his parents that his ride will be departing an hour later than expected. It might be the best extra hour of both your lives.
  10. Holiday Festivals — Eager to find something uniquely artsy, warm, and unusual for his favorite sister or meeting his bestfriend for a craft of ale and burger while perusing the pop-up outdoor shops brilliantly decorted and inviting, holiday festivals (whether inside or outside) pose an enjoyable way to run into someone new.
  11. And Finally, In A Line — It could be at a bank, a school concert, a takeout joint or a garden center while you wait for them to bind and secure your six-foot Douglas fir to the roof of your car, the holidays invite lots of “waiting” and, in that, opportunities to meet someone else who is also waiting too. Instead of complaining about it, embrace this reality and use your time wisely. The person demonstrating incredible patience next to you could just be your future husband.

So there you have it, ladies. Eleven inobvious places to meet single men. I hope each one of them assists you in your search to find love this holiday season as well as for a lifetime. And remember, just because a place isn’t written on the list above, doesn’t mean you should overlook the possibility of Mr. Right showing up there. Keep your eyes and hearts open always as love has a way of showing up when you least expect it.



Founder of ZNEEX app, TEDx Speaker, Award-winning children’s entertainment creator, Author, www.zneexfriendship.com, ljwelli@gmail.com, www.threadmb.com

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