$368 Billion Spent Each Year and We Still Look Like Slobs

Why does the United States dress so poorly?

Laura Wellington
2 min readSep 22, 2021


Prepare yourself. Rant below!

I spent part of this weekend at the Big E. The Big E is New England’s most widely attended fair. As usual, it didn’t disappoint. That includes the sloppy get-ups much of the attendees arrived in. Dear God, how embarrassing we have become as a nation with regards to our dress despite the $368 billion we spend on apparel annually.

“Where the heck is that money going?” I have to ask myself, because it seems to me that much of the United States looks like trash on a daily basis. And it is only getting worse, in my opinion. We are becoming a nation known for obesity (where 2/3 of our population is overweight, factually), sloppiness, and complete laziness when it comes to the clothing we throw on our backs. All together, we look horrendous.

Unlike Europe, where they can make a T-shirt look fashionable, the majority of Americans don’t possess that talent. A growing portion of U.S. residents can barely match clothing in a way that doesn’t blind others or compel them to shield their eyes when the many slovenly folk walk by.

Gone are the days of “pride” in oneself and what is worn, it seems. We’ve exchanged them for pilled and/or hair-ridden leggings 24/7 and shirts that either look like tents or can barely cover bellies and nipples. Does self-respect even cross minds when choosing what to wear these days? I hardly think so?

And don’t think kids aren’t following suit as a result. The example adults are setting is plummeting our nation into the pit of fashion-hell. To observe this is disheartening and a reflection of much of our population’s mediocre, apathetic, and excuse-ridden mindset. And no…we can’t blame this on the economy but on personal choice. Let’s call a spade, a spade, shall we? Clean, fitted clothing and proper self-care don’t take much to come by given you consider them and yourself “valuable.”

What happened to the United States…the one that dressed to impress? Our once dapper population has been replaced with an unkempt, unhealthy-looking bunch who can no longer cover up its deterioration and don’t even care to try. The entire decline is indicative of our nation’s larger problems, the root of which lies in our misguided attitudes and skewed priorities. A proud man dresses the part, naturally. So does one who isn’t. Look around you everyone. What do you see?

The view is undoubtedly disappointing and tough to watch (both literally and metaphorically)! It makes me sad.



Laura Wellington

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