Why our parents did it better!

It seems that parenting these days is tougher than ever before. But is it really? Or are we, parents, just making it that way?

Those questions came about after speaking with another mom at a baseball game. Our boys are on the same team. As the mom was ruminating over the fact of having to make three separate dinners for her three boys, I reflected back to when I had all five of my kids under one roof.

As a single mom, never once did I consider making individually prepared meals. My kids ate…

The evidence is all around you

What is the biggest tell that you have lost power over a situation or person? Force. When you need to force an action, individually or as a whole, you have not only lost your power but you are outwardly admitting that you have lost your power.

Now this does not mean that you won’t ultimately get your way, but what it does mean is that “your way” will be temporary. It will also give rise to oppositional power, the very thing that will slow you down or stop you dead in in your tracks.

Never give up!

We are a world that craves the basics. And on the way towards finding them, we fill our baskets with tom-foolery. Isn’t that the truth?

Love, inner peace, and purpose. Without these three, we are lost. Look at the gentleman in this photo. I met him while exiting a ride back to my hotel last week. I asked him his story. Simply put…he loved his wife with all of his heart. She cheated on him. He divorced her. Fast forward? He becomes the man sitting in front of Target doing all he can to find love again.

Tips to keep your head in check.

Last night, I woke up at 1:30am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. The reason? Gripping fear. It cornered me in my sleep and terrorized me for the rest of the night. My defenses down as a result of my exhaustion, I became fear’s victim and I hated myself for it.

When I finally rose from my bed at 6am, I was as useless as useless could be. But fear? Fear was tickled pink because not only had it gotten the better of me through the wee hours of the morning but now it had plans to ruin my day…

Gratitude goes a long way

I turned fifty-five on August 1st. I must admit that I am at one of the best places of my life. It’s been a very full journey and as I look back over it, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. It’s not over though. In a way, I feel as if I’ve only just begun. No doubt, I have a few new mountains to climb this year, including the writing of a new book, my second love story. This one will be called “W”. Why “W’? …

Women worn out by “giving” so much.

Last week I made a big decision. This decision required me to go “all in” on one thing and “all out” on another — something that no longer suited me.

It wasn’t made lightly. I weighed it on many scales, including that of my own morality and faith. When I finally figured out what was best for me, I delivered the news to both parties. The former was thrilled. However, the latter became infuriated.

Frankly, I was both puzzled and startled by the magnitude of the latter’s reaction towards me, especially as it was poured out all over me prior…

If you haven’t tried them, don’t knock them.

I learned something new about my sister-in-law, Kathy McCaffrey, something I was surprised by. She, like me, believes in the use of affirmations. I wouldn’t have known this had she not sent me a copy of her recent book called “Affirmations For Weight Loss”. But there it was in black and white, complimented by shades of red, struggle, honesty, and self-acceptance — all of these leading to inner peace and outer joy.

As Kathy’s journey towards the integration of affirmations into her own life isn’t dissimilar to mine, the reason behind was…

No longer left out!

It was about ten or so years ago that it happened. I will never forget it. My oldest four kids — then teenagers — greeted me one Father’s Day morning with a surprise that sent me into a stream of tears. More like a tidal wave, truthfully.

Having spent so many years balancing the roles of both mother and father following their real father’s death, I never conveyed any need for a second celebration honoring the privilege of being a parent…their parent. ‘Mother’s Day’ was quite enough. They, however, felt otherwise.

So together they plotted and…

Time to put YOU first

Some of us will be journeying. Others will be taking respite on the beach. Others still will be doing a bit of both. I fall into the latter most category.

Yes, I have made plans to visit several of my far away family members this summer — making up for lost time. I also am considering enjoying a “Me” vacation, one in which I will be ‘kicking it up’ alone — filled with guilty pleasures of my own choosing.

I honestly believe more people need to take a “me” vacation because frankly, we all need…

We’ve got it all wrong

I recently volunteered to teach an art class to a group of eight year-olds. I love engaging children in art. It is fun to see what their young minds come up with. Plus the conversation that goes along with is always interesting. Children are unpredictable without a doubt. It is a statement that was never more true than with this particular class.

As one of the students seemed especially fascinated with Vincent Van Gogh, I asked him how much he knew about the painter. Very little, ultimately became the answer, except for the fact of…

Laura Wellington

Author of “Be Careful What You Wish For”, Founder of THREADMB.com, TEDx Speaker, Award-winning children’s entertainment creator, www.laurajwellington.com

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