Banned On TikTok? Join The Club.

How being banned has almost become a “right of passage”

I have to say, my being suddenly banned by TikTok was shocking. One minute, I posted a TikTok about a concerning experience that I had had with Uber, not unlike what I wrote about here. The next minute (and I am not kidding about the timeframe) my entire account was banned.

I hadn’t expected it. I guess no one does. But there goes five thousand followers down the drain. Appealing to the TikTok police didn’t help either. My account wasn’t coming back. Inadvertedly, I stepped over the line and my account was tossed in jail and staying there for life. Parole wasn’t being offered either.

Obviously, I am not the first. Countless others, with much larger followings than me, have had their accounts banned, with some claiming multiple or even series of accounts being banned. In some ways, it literally has become a “right of passage” for many on a mission. Those same people make some humorous TikToks about their experiences being banned.

Thus the process of establishing backup TikTok accounts is the norm among these folks. But me? I hadn’t anticipated needing one of those, especially given my particularly tame content in comparison to that of others, including the many young women who don’t seem to understand the value of keeping their clothes on today.

In any event, I guess I am now part of an elite club known to ruffle a few TikTok feathers. I don’t particularly take pride in this but it is a reality I can do nothing about. Besides, if speaking my truth caused me to be banned (especially if it means ensuring the safety of others in the process), I can live with that.

At least I know I’m not alone.



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