Can Someone Remind
Miley Cyrus To Get Tampons…A Ton Of Them.

A friendly reminder

Last year, as quarantines were ensuing and complete lockdowns were on the horizon, Miley Cyrus decided to do something she had never done before to help cheer her fans up. She launched a show on Instagram called “Bright Minded”. It was undoubtedly a bright idea. She invited on the show entertainers, who also happened to be friends. She introduced new products that she loved. And she shared personal moments — a glimpse into Miley Cyrus and her life not normally shown by the usual entertainment outlets that cover her.

I learned about the show from my daughters. My efforts to stay an “involved” mom coaxed me into watching an episode. During it, Miley recanted a story of how she completely ran out of tampons one day. In need, she made her way to the store to buy some. None were to be had. The shelves were empty. Ultimately, she left with toilet paper between her legs and a notable quandary in her head. Reaching out to her fans in desperation, Miley was sent a box of tampons by one of them, a completely new brand and type that Miley fell in love with. So in love with, in fact, she promoted them on her show. One kindness deserves another.

Let’s face it. It is hard to remember that celebrities have their periods too (so to speak). No…their lives aren’t usual but they do have usual moments outside of the ones we see in People, US Weekly, and TMZ, which all seem to still show them on pedestals. Miley pulled back the curtain completely in that episode. She took an ordinary situation in all women’s lives and made it extraordinary….so much so, that it stayed with me.

Which is the reason I am now saying, if you know Miley Cyrus (and I know that some of those of you who read me regularly do), tell her to order tampons NOW…in dozens. Get ahead of the curve. It looks like California is in for elongated quarantines, lockdowns, etc. You don’t want to get caught short a second time. And while you are at it, order my new book “Be Careful What You Wish For” as that is selling like hotcakes too and will only continue to do so given the holidays, nation-wide quarantines, cold winter stretches, and mounting stellar reviews like this one sent to me last week that highlights another popular show, but not in the way you would expect — “Love, love, loving your book! Last night it beat THIS IS US!” shared by Andrea T. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what could. Plus I am donating part of my share of the profits to “Meals on Wheels” given so many elderly need to remain home during Covid-19. The organization has received a 89% increase in demand for these meals.

I know your godmother is doing her part. She has set a lead worth taking in my book…with my book, as there are so many other godmother’s, grandmothers, grandfathers, and more in need of help and food. They fed and cared for us once-upon-a-time. Now it is up to us do the same.

That said, I will say it one last time, “Tampons, Miley, tampons. And maybe relaunch the show. I expect it will be needed again!”