Death Of The Influencer

How Big Tech Created A Monster, Then Ate It

The business of being an influencer is falling apart. Because to be one, you have to be good with saying or doing nothing at all and that is falling out of fashion.

Why? Because Big Tech has made a mockery of the whole deal, artfully promoting the simps and superficial and sanctioning, if not silencing, those who care about more than just applauding “the joys of yellow school buses” ad nauseam. I think we can all agree that that was too much to take.

Today, anyone who has a phone and a taco chip to dunk can be an influencer. However, at a time when “credibility” is coming back like never before, those with the most influence don’t want such a title. To them, the word encompasses everything that they don’t want to be, more concerned with their mission than their moniker.

Thus, when you go to far like Big Tech has done, eventually that rubberband snaps back equal to the force of which it was originally pulled. And that wound can be severe as history has shown time and time again. It is doing it here now too.

A better long term strategy would have been ‘balance’, circumventing exhausting the value brought forth by more entertaining influencers by offsetting them with more informative ones, preventing neither from becoming commonplace. With so many critical topics to be aware of, Big Tech needs to now make friends with those they’d sooner squelch than shine a light upon in order to regain composure and swing the needle back to where they want for their investors.

Until they do that, both they and the current-day influencers they have harvested up to this point are dying breeds, with one devouring the other before they ever fully realize what’s happening. Welcome Elon Musk. Time to shift gears, in other words. We will see which ones do in a mad rush to save themselves.

And speaking of “shifting gears,” if you’ve missed what radio shows, podcasts, and online sources have been talking about (and talking to me about) all last week…here in the United States and abroad, read my last two articles, “Why So Many Women Have Given Up On Dating” (Medium) and “Unvaccinated Single Women Say ‘No’ To Vaccinated Single Men” (American Thinker). They definitely garnered a ton of attention, applause, questions, comments and criticism. They did exactly what great articles should do, provoke thinking and discussion.



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