Delicious Tip To Save Your Gut During Covid-19

How many of you during normal circumstances have issues with your gut?

Many people do, especially those coping with high stress levels. Anyone feeling a tad bit stressed latley?

Covid-19. Quarantine. Money issues. Joblessness. The Dow rising and falling daily. Kids home from school indefinitely. And Death. Just one of these realities could send your gut into a tizzy. All of them together, they could damn near put you in the hospital — a place no one wants to go ever but especially now.

I suffer with gut issues too. My condition used to be pretty severe. “Used to be” is the operative phrase. I’ve added some helpful things to my diet that have made a big difference. This includes probiotics — little miracle workers that cultivate gut health at anywhere between $6 and $40 a pop in tablet form.

Yup, you pay for these babies whether online or at the supermarket or drugstore. Without them, however, you pay for them in an entirely different and uncomfortable way. But what if I taught you how to make probiotics at home — wholly natural, organic and cheap. I’m hear to do just that, and it couldn’t be easier.

All you need are two glass mason jars, warm water (preferably from a well or bottled), organic veggies of your choosing, fresh herbs of your choosing, a chopping knife, a cutting board, Himalayan pink salt and ten minutes of your time.

Now here’s what you do: Chop your vegetables into easily edible pieces. Firmly pack them into a thoroughly cleaned mason jar, alternating the herbs between. When I say “firmly pack,” I mean tighter than sardines in a can. There should be little space between each piece. In the other thoroughly cleaned mason jar, add a quarter cup (at a minimum) of Himalayan pink salt and fill the rest of the jar with warm water nearly to the top but leaving some room. Shake the mixture well until all of the salt looks absorbed. Pour the water mixture into the mason jar holding the vegetables, completely submerging all of the vegetables and leaving no space up to the rim. Cap the vegetable-filled mason jar tightly and place on the counter at room temperature for a minimum of a week. The longer, the better.

You are now done.

Once a week has passed, your vegetables have fermented appropriately. They are now ready to eat. Open the jar over the sink because water will burst from it the minute you uncap the jar due to the pressure the process created. Now taste your vegetables and don’t worry. You will not have poisoned yourself through your efforts. You will have created a delicious, healthy, probiotic rich vegetable side dish which can also be added to sandwiches, salads, or just eaten by itself. As you consume the vegetables, don’t refrain from drinking the salt mixture itself as they are flush with probiotics too. Between helpings, refrigerate to keep fresh. Don’t refrigerate while the fermentation process is occurring as this will stop it in action.

Once you have eaten the entire jar, send the jar through the dishwasher and begin again. My favorite combination is “cabbage-peppers-onion-and oregano”. I eat it on a whole grain baguette with a slice of Parmesan cheese.

These jars can keep for years gone unopened. So if your plan is to grow a garden this year or use up some of the fresh produce you bought too much of while out at the market recently in panic-mode or prepare for next year’s possible pandemic ahead of time (God forbid), here’s a wonderful option in which to consider. You will be surprised at how your gut will thank you…and the rest of your body and mind too.

If you have any questions about the process, send them my way and I would be happy to help. And if this type of activity isn’t your bag but improving your health through it is, reach out to me too. I’d be happy to offer alternate suggestions on how to get your hands on some. There is always more than one way to skin a cat or in this case, save your gut.

In the meantime, Stay in; Stay healthy; And Stay sane!



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