“Life Cleaning” is Trending Wildly

Who knew so many needed to clean-up their lives?

Sometimes you write an article that catches fire unexpectedly. This is the case with one of my most recent articles, “Life Cleaning” Is House Cleaning But Only For Your Life”. I wrote it following a period of life cleaning my own life. My mood had been heavy and I was feeling exhausted by the weight of my world resting on my shoulders. I decided to take a step back and look at my life objectively. Once I identified the causes associated with my distress, I actively began to address each one. The result? I felt better, clear minded, and energetic.

Knowing that this process had helped me, I decided to write an article outlining what I had learned. If I was feeling this way, I knew others were probably too. It was like lighting a match. People loved the “life cleaning” concept, and among them, the many writers, journalists and overall media that read my weekly blog.

The first to step-up was Parents.com. Genevieve Shaw Brown, whose work can also be found on Good Morning America, took my article and crafted her own from it, “This Mom’s ‘Life Cleaning’ Ritual Is The Spring Hack All Parents Need”. She did an excellent job of giving my insights and recommendations her own spin.

Then Chelsey Davis of ABC15 Arizona grabbed hold of the concept and shared it during their morning show. The segment is called “The BULLetin Board: Spring cleaning for your life”. I imagine lots of life cleaning is happening in Arizona these days as a result.

And finally, heading north, the number one morning show in Toronto, Breakfast Television, had me on bright and early the Monday following Easter to discuss life cleaning. Dina Pugliese and I chatted up a storm about the concept, the origins of it, and my top three life cleaning suggestions. You can find that video here: “How to ‘Life Clean’ This Spring”.

It is extremely satisfying to know that my advice is helping so many. Since these segments and article, I have received a ton of email, including this one which pretty much represents all of them:

Good morning Laura

Thank you, Thank you!

I needed to hear your interview about life cleaning — how I can relate. Your statement about feeling guilty about being an imperfect parent is something everyone needs to hear.

I immediately went to your website and thoroughly enjoyed reading your 10 steps. I am going to print this off and place it on my fridge!

Thank you again for helping this mom to stop beating herself up!

Have a good day

Nancy R.

I LOVE that she is keeping the article on her fridge as a reminder. That’s just so great! If you haven’t read the article yet, you might want to do so now. I left it up on THREAD MB for a bit longer than I normally do any post. Or just go to this link: “Life Cleaning” is House Cleaning But Only For Your Life”.

Whether you missed it and are reading it for the first time or have decided to refresh your memory by reading it again, life cleaning can only improve your ‘state of mind today’, ultimately benefiting every day that follows.

Happy life cleaning, everyone. By the way, life cleaning can easily be done in tandem with Spring cleaning. As you clean out the clutter in your home, you can also do so in your head.



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