Unvaccinated Single Women Say ‘No’ To Vaccinated Single Men

When I first decided to broach this topic, I did so wondering if my suspicions regarding how large a group I was dealing with were on-point. I soon came to learn that answer. Over 80,000 responses to my paltry query made up of “unvaxxed single women, unvaxxed single men, unvaxxed married couples, and unvaxxed parents concerned with their unvaxxed children’s relationship choices specific to the vaccine,” it seemed I had uncovered a powder keg overdue in its explotion.

The conversation in its infancy, I was startled by just how many unvaccinated women who responded thought that they were alone in their feelings and decisions regarding opting-out of dating vaccinated men. Relieved that they were actually “one of many,” the conversation and responses flowed and went places I never expected — all here in the article below.

Convinced that my sampling of responses represents a small portion of a very large population made up of millions, what this means for our nation with regards to procreation, cohesion, and the value placed on the eligibility of single, unvaccinated men if not their sperm today and in the future remains to be seen.

What I do know is that there are plenty of unvaccinated single women who are now placing vaccine-status at the top of their criteria when choosing relationship partners, citing “the juice of vaccinated men no longer being worth the squeeze because, in their eyes, that juice could be poison.”

Find out what else these women are thinking in American Thinker:

Unvaccinated Single Women Say ‘No’ To Vaccinated Single Men https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/10/unvaccinated_single_women_say_no_to_vaccinated_single_men.html

*Since this article released in AMERICAN THINKER, I’ve received countless unvaccinated singles, marrieds, and parents reaching out to me thanking me for being a needed voice broaching this very real topic for them and asking for a larger conversation to be had as well as all kinds of advice in relation to how to speak to their kids. The article is being picked up and trending on other sites too, including CITIZEN FREE PRESS.



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